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Howdy internet stranger, welcome to the about me page~☆

My name is worm (not really) im seventeen years old... but whos counting? (i am.) I live somewhere in western canada, and have been doing so for my entire life. Most people tend to be so eager to want to move away from the place they grew up in but im not so sure i'd be able to recover.

I like to (incessantly) take photos of everything, if the gallery page isnt enough proof, idk what is.

As Donna Tartt said in the secret history;

“Does such a thing as 'the fatal flaw,' that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? I used to think it didn't. Now I think it does. And I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs.”

INFP (yeah)

Gemeni ★ Leo ★ Pisces

Enneagram Type 5


omg its me??

(its the best photo i could find dont make fun of me)


the untainted verion of me


me in a boat




another HUUUGE(!!) part of my life is music.

walking the school halls at a steady beat, the emphasization of a feeling, playing it, a shared interest, its history.

some artists i enjoy are deftones, mazzy star, bowie, radiohead, smashing pumpkins, lou reed, elliot smith, MBV, and many more

but ill listen to anything. rock, indie, metal, classic rock, classical, dance/electronic, jazz, shoegaze, slowcore...

(can you tell i pull mad bitches??)

its not exactly (at all) finished yet.. but this is my all about music page for now.



My hobbies include: drawing, painting, photography, guitar, and "borrowing" street signs.

Some drawings

Ziggy the Cat