So last night i decided i was going to do a whole page revamp, starting with a home page. did i just create this page just 2 days ago? yes. but ive already learnt so much extra stuff.. and have nowhere to put it ?? i did a bit (a lot) for the new site last night and BOY are my eyes tired (even though i just woke up from a 5 hour sleep... maybe its permanent) ANYWAYS since youre here... heres a sneak peek :0. it looks a bit broken.. thats because it is. (haha)

i wish i was sleeping rn tbh but i had to wake up early to arrange plans for my dentist appointment... or atleast to dearrange the appointment, because i cant go! my homie (camryn) just told me and my other homie (dakota) that she has covid!! and ive been sick for the past few days, (you know by now, thats all ive written about lmao) so i dont think i can go. not that im sad... i havent brushed my teeth lately (dont be mean, its just another quirky depression side effect) so i dont feel like having a judgy half-doctor all up in my mouth hole. hmm that sounded kind of mean.. i actually love my dentist, theres a cool view out the window. blame the covid for the sour attitude (if i even have it)

okay i think thats all, i feel my knees bending backwards, my back and eyes hurt, and my hands are fridgid (screw you canadian weather).

heres a parting gift.. sum blinkies/buttons:

~worm herself 7:06am/7:31am

Feeling: decrepit

Song: egg ~ the garden

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wow, yet another night spent staying awake doing this, instead of attempting to fix my woeful sleep schedule.

(time flies while doing this stuff!!) seems very in character pour moi. im still sick, cold as hell in my room, probobly bailing on yet another day of school.(yippee) at least a new episode of chainsaw man comes out today.

i ate some really good soup earlier. it was made in such an abnormal way. like, chicken noodle from another dimension. it may have changed my perspective on soup forever tbh.

okay im tired and theres no more soup to write about so i think im done here. sure is nothing like finally going to bed at 6am.

~worm herself 5:am/6:10am

Feeling: sleep deprived

Song: pale ~ modern colour

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here is where im going to be writing about random stuff, a digital diary if you will.

i was literally up all night trying to figure out how to do this stuff (html/css) and today i even enlisted my dads help. im pretty happy with how my site is turning out but theres still a lot left to be desired. i have had this stupid cold for the past few days, absolutely pummeling my nervous system. so does my dad, and one of my best friends. its a cesspool of disease up in here. if you dont hear from me, im dead.

~worm herself ?:??/?:??

Feeling: sniffly

Song: black star ~ radiohead